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Adsense Makes Sense - Share Revenue only with Best Sites

If you have spare time of 2-3 hours per day or you have the inclination to make a few dollars by using your common sense then your search to earn some extra passive income ends here.  You need not fall prey to sites who will earn money through your skills without sharing their earnings with you. Google Adsense is a global earning program through online advertising on genuine and original sites. As individuals have limited resources it is always a better choice to join hands as partner in the Adsense revenue sharing sites. But it is a million dollar question as which sites are reliable and which site one may join. If you are an existing Approved Google Adsense Publisher, then you are just to associate your Publisher ID on the following genuine sites. The income from these sites will get directly credited to your account and you will have not to ask for your payment from these sites. Rather these sites will also generate additional dollars for you in addition to Adsense earnings. Sounds unbelievable but it is true. As of today we have made our opinion based on our experience:
  1. Web Question Answers
  2. My Best Choice - HubPages
  3. Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn
  4. SpiderMan - DotNetSpider
  5. My Latest Find
  6. Keep Updated - Latest Technology
  7. Pride of Punjab
Add this page to your favorites and you will find that the list of genuine adsense revenue sharing sites gets updated regularly after thorough search. After all you also need to share the fruits of Technology Know How.